Meditation & Spiritual Groups

Gaia House is perfect for meditation and spiritual groups looking for a unique family-style home environment that promotes group unity and inspiration for group members to deepen their practice.

As you share time together in our relaxing and uplifting environment, your group will develop greater harmony and bonding during this shared experience. This can then be brought back with you to your meditation or spiritual community, to encourage further growth.

We also offer additional supportive programming* for your group retreat. Depending on your group’s needs, we can arrange for our experienced retreat staff to hold educational classes (intro to the chakras, advanced pranayama, cooking, gardening, healing affirmations, and more!) or outdoor activities like guided hikes, walking meditations and nature education walks.
Your group also has the opportunity to participate in a daily hatha yoga and meditation class sadhana) at The Expanding Light (close-by) or to have our yoga and meditation teachers lead a sadhana at the house according to your group’s level.

Why should I include sadhana as part of my retreat?

*Additional costs apply

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Please note that we are a non-alcoholic, non-smoking, drug free and vegetarian establishment offering you and your guests a special and unique experience.

Extended family enjoying each others company
melody and steven meditating by the lake group proname

Thank you from the Chaplain Program of Unity Center of Davis California for an absolutely fantastic weekend at Gaia House Retreat. The peace and tranquility emanating from the grounds and people were the perfect backdrop for our retreat/training. We enclose a gratuity in thanks for the welcoming Spirit of Gaia House and the Expanding Light Retreat and the transformation you are bringing to our planet and people. Again, thank you. We all hope to return soon.”
- Unity Center of Davis, CA.

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Gaia House encourages:

Oneness of spirit






Experiencing Nature

Divine grace is like the most precious of those rare diamonds. It is there to be found by all who will seek it diligently. - Paramhansa Yogananda

Dedicated to serving our guests and embracing them with the harmonious vibration that is Gaia House..