Divine Mother Retreat for Women
at Gaia House

Three joyful women

2-day weekend

  • January 9 – 11, 2015

Nurture your heart and soul with personal retreat and rejuvenation in the beautiful, loving atmosphere of Ananda.

In the West, the qualities of will power and achievement can sometimes overshadow the quieter feminine attributes of compassion, intuitive listening, openness, and receptivity. These feminine attributes are essential to the soul’s journey toward wisdom and freedom. It is why Nayaswami Kriyananda has spoken often of the importance nowadays of relating to God as Mother. Kriyananda says:

“Think of God as the Infinite Mother in every atom, in every cloud, in your own heart, everywhere. Think of that mother aspect of the Infinite Consciousness that created and loves every single being in this universe because every being is a part of the Infinite One. If you love the Mother in that way, if you love God in that way, then you will find a remarkably sweet relationship developing in which you have a real awareness, not just an imagination, that Mother is always with you. She watches over you, takes care of you, and hears the yearnings of your heart.”

We will share together our daily sadhanas (spiritual practices), delicious meals in a home-like setting, silent walks in beautiful country surroundings, kirtan (singing to God) with other women here at the Village, and the nurturing fellowship experienced when we anchor our lives in Divine Mother.  Garnered moments like these are priceless in our individual spiritual quest and of lasting inspiration.

This weekend will take place primarily at Gaia House and Crystal Hermitage and will be led by Nayaswami Maria McSweeney.

Space is limited, so please register early.

Friday evening

Dinner at Gaia
Inspirational focus for the weekend
Brief chanting and guided meditation together


Spiritual practices and breakfast at Gaia House
Inspirational sharing
Guided Silent Walk with Divine Mother
Lunch at Gaia House
Afternoon free time for massages at the Center for Radiant Health
Afternoon spiritual practices at Crystal Hermitage dome
Evening dinner at Gaia, including a few guests from Ananda Village
Kirtan (devotional chanting) to Divine Mother


Spiritual practices and breakfast at Gaia
Closing circle at Gaia
Ananda Community’s Purification and Sunday Services at The Expanding Light
Lunch at The Expanding Light with Ananda Village women

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Divine Mother Retreat for Women starts the afternoon of the first date listed and ends with lunch on the last date.

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2-day weekend

  • January 9 – 1, 2015
    (Book by calling 1-800-346-5350)

prices per person

Bird, Mountain, River, Trees or
Star Rooms Shared:
Flower Room Shared: $398

Bird, Mountain, River and Star Rooms have 2 single beds

Tree Room has one double and one single bed

Flower Room has one queen bed, private bath with tub, deck, side room for meditation or single bed option

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