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Gaia House provides your wedding party with a special opportunity for promoting harmony and unity within the unique family-style setting of this home. Its intimate environment is perfect for celebrating not only the marriage between two individuals, but also the joining of families and friends.

The surrounding peaceful northern California scenery, beautiful gardens, and private location are also ideal for holding your wedding ceremony and/or reception; holding up to almost 50 individuals indoors with additional seating outdoors.

Gaia House is also located close to the well-known Crystal Hermitage wedding chapel and tulip gardens.

Gaia House is in Partnership with Ananda Weddings and together we can offer your wedding party a full range of uplifting options to best suit the needs of your special day. Please contact us to begin reserving your wedding party's space today.

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Please note that we are dedicated to higher principles and spiritual values. Gaia House is a non-alcoholic, non-smoking, drug free and vegetarian establishment that invites a pure celebration of your spiritual commitment, giving you and your guests the freedom to fully appreciate the sincerity and depth of this sacred ceremony. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about our policy.

Gaia House Retreat fireplace
View Outside to garden wedding group on Gaia patio

"May our love grow ever deeper, purer, more expansive, until, in our perfected love, we find the perfect love of God." - Part of Sample Vow

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Gaia House supports:

Oneness of spirit


Family Unity

Divine Friendship


Romantic Ambiance

Unique Expression

Dedicated to serving our guests and embracing them with the harmonious vibration that is Gaia House..